CranioSacral Therapy 2 Course Description

CST2 studies cranial-base dysfunctions as diagnosed and treated by Dr. William Sutherland, the "father of cranial osteopathy". The course material and hands-on sessions will focus on cranial base dysfunctions, the masticatory system - hard palate, mandible and temporomandibular joint; whole body evaluation; and the energy cyst with regional unwinding. An introduction to SomatoEmotional Release will also be presented.

Course Highlights:

Discover how to integrate Sutherland's technique for identifying lesions into the CranioSacral Therapy 10-Step Protocol.
Enhance you rability to conduct whole-body evaluations focusing on the physiological phenomena that occur.
Practice evaluating and treating cranial-base dysfunctions.
Explore the concepts of SomatoEmotional Release and Energy Cysts.
Observe skilled demonstrations and participate in hands-on practice.

CST1 and thorough working knowledge of the 10-Step Protocol.

Required Advance Reading:
CranioSacral Therapy, chapters 7-15, by John E. Upledger, DO, OMM, and John D. Vredevoogd, MFA;
CranioSacral Therapy II: Beyond the Dura, chapter 3, by Dr. John E. Upledger


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