Barral Institute

Mgr. Helena Toušková Institut Prague, Czech Republic is the Official Sponsor in Czech and Slovak Republic for the Barral Institute International (Visceral manipulation (VM) and Neural manipulation (NM) courses).

Anyone other than Mgr. Helena Toušková Institute is prohibited from conducting VM and NM courses / seminars in Czech and Slovak Republic that concern the Barral Institute (UI) or using this brand name without our written approval.

You will find links to our Official International Affiliates on our website under Barral Institute International. If a person is an Official Satellite or Sponsor with the Barral Institute, they will be listed here.

Currently there are also none Czech or Slovak teachers or doctors who have the right to teach Barral Visceral manipulation (VM) or Neural manipulation (NM) in Czech and Slovak Republic.

To find if a person is a Certified Barral Therapist and Instructor go to and enter your country.

There you should find the classes which you have already been attended and if they are Certified in Barral Visceral and Neural Manipulation.